First Presbyterian was established in 1877

Considering the humble birth of our Lord and Savior, I was pleased to learn that according to Mrs. F.W. Simpson, in her book "History of the Auxiliary of the Eminence Presbyterian Church," that "for a time after the organization of the Eminence Church, there was no church building, and the congregation met in a hall above the livery stable." Not a bad place to start.  


First Presbyterian Church of Eminence was in the forefront of the movement to organize and recognize "women's work."  In 1891, the ladies of the church met and organized a Ladies Home Missionary Society. This society evolved into the Ladies' Auxiliary, and would later be known as "Women of the Church" or "Presbyterian Women." 


 Our rich history supports the concept that Presbyterianism is “reformed and always reforming.”

Presbyterians are open to change and new ideas as our surprising, steadfast God puts them before us.

We believe in God, the Creator and redeemer of all creation. We trust in Jesus Christ as our savior and the Lord of our new life of faith, hope and love. Christ is the head of the church and welcomes all people to live in grace and mercy, diversity and unity; working together for the reconciliation of the world. We follow the leading of the Holy Spirit to inform, direct and support us in our journey together.

We serve as a congregation of the Presbyterian Church USA, sharing our gifts in the Mid-Kentucky Presbytery and with other Presbyterian congregations. We are alive in mission that promotes growth and discipleship of persons devoted to Jesus Christ. We struggle to listen to the voices of the Lord, informed by Scripture and our traditions of creeds and witness. We are committed to learning and growing in our faith and understanding the ongoing witness of God in the world.

We elect persons of faith and humility to lead our church. In accordance with Scripture, we acknowledged that God’s word is heard by the people of God and not one authority or human being. Dialogue and discussion are vital parts our decision-making process. We are proud of our Reformed tradition, seeking faithfully to reform when called by the Lord of Life to new challenges.

We invite all people to walk with us in the adventure of a lifetime.